SNAP Words!

Kindergartners never cease to amaze me! It’s really hard work and takes a lot of energy to stretch out the sounds we hear in all the words we want to write. Thank goodness for SNAP words. These are words we just know how to write, and we don’t have to think really hard about them. Today, we looked through our writing to find words we use a lot in our true stories. After writing them on Post-it notes, these words were added to our personal word walls so we can write them quickly. That way, we can spend more time getting these words down in our stories. Of course, we don’t just want to use SNAP words, or our stories won’t be nearly as interesting as they are when we add big, hard words, too! Those are the words we want to save our writing energy for!


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Celebrate Student Writers: Strategies Become Habits!

image  imageMany of our student writers are working on setting goals for themselves to make their writing stronger. We work on our personal goals (strategies) every day until they become daily habits in our writing. Look at some of the habits our young writers have developed since the beginning of the year!